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Certified translation service German/Thai
Document service - Thai/German Marriage, Legalization & Visa

การแปลและรับรองเอกสารไทย-เยอรมัน - ข้อมูลการจดทะเบียนสมรส ทำวีซ่าไปประเทศเยอรมนี

Sebastian Kiesow, 
Erik Schottstädt 
& Khanapos Phayaksri

Accredited and sworn translators for Thai language


Information on marriages between German and Thai nationals

Our information is considered to be the most current, most accurate and most detailed source of information available on the web regarding German-Thai marriages. Please note that the contents of these leaflets serve as information only and must not be understood as a consultation on individual legal questions or legal aid. For legal aid consult your lawyer or a legal aid office.

Certified translations in German and Thai

Our translations from German into Thai and from Thai into German are accepted throughout the Federal Republic of Germany, by the Embassies of Germany, Austria, Switzerland in Thailand, by the Thai diplomatic missions in Germany as well as by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok. See more:

Additional Service

If desired, we co-ordinate the compilation, verification, potential correction, and translation of your documents in direct contact with you and your Thai point of contact on your behalf.

Details: In case you have not found the information you are looking for or you prefer a personal appointment do not hesitate to contact us personally, by e-mail or telephone. We are glad to be at your disposal.

Sebastian Kiesow,
Erik Schottstädt
and Khanapos Phayaksri (Tom)